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Young people are willing to take part in something if they feel involved and develop personal connection with value that person/brand/institution promotes. Here is where Balkan Urban Movement recognizes the need for introducing innovative approach in presentation of culture and art for making them closer to wider audience of young people. This is what the project Coolture, new trends, new stories was all about.   

Project goal was to promote accessibility in the field of culture through promotion of mobility of art and artists in SEE region and Europe. It was implemented as a part of larger program “Cultural Week on Vračar” done by BUM and Vračar Municipality where many events took place, aiming to bring art and culture higher on the social agenda of young people. 

Culture in Serbia and the region is based in bigger city centers and hardly accessible for majority of young people. New trends in communication are giving the opportunity for culture and art to be directly presented to young people and we wanted to use this opportunity to create stronger links between young people and culture and art through participation. Finally, we created engaging content for social media that will attract young people to art and culture through storytelling.  Through the CoolTURE project young people visited October Salon. They learned about importance of mobility and exchange in the culture for building European identity and about importance of supporting culture today for creating a cultural heritage for future generations and developed skills of storytelling for mainstreaming culture among their peers. 

Our partners in this project were: Mestni Mladinski Svet Maribor (Slovenia), PRONI Centar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Volunteers Center Skopje (FYR Macedonia), Youth for Exchange and Understanding (Belgium), October Salon (Serbia), Belgrade Cultural Center (Serbia), Butel Municipality (Macedonia) and Vračar Municipality (Serbia).

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